Kaspersky Internet Security

Antivirus, firewall, and anti-phishing software for PC, Mac, and Android mobile devices

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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Kaspersky Internet Security is a software program designed to protect your computer from viruses and malware. However, the program also helps you store passwords and keep them safe from hackers or identity thieves.

The Pros of Using Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Kaspersky Internet Security is a software package that helps you prevent viruses and malware from entering your system.
  • The program runs in the background to make sure you are not downloading malware or viruses as you download items from the Internet.
  • You will get an alert from the program any time you are downloading something that could be malicious.
  • The Kaspersky Internet Security program runs regular scans to make sure you do not have viruses or malware on your computer.
  • You get to use the Kaspersky Internet Security program to store your passwords. You can use a master password to protect all your other passwords on your computer. Hackers cannot access your passwords, and your master password helps to prevent someone from finding your password collection.

The Cons of Using Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Programs that run in the background on your computer can drain your battery if you leave them running all the time.
  • This program many interrupt you while you are working to initiate a scan.
  • The program cannot guarantee that you can avoid all viruses and malware.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security is a large program that may take up too much room on your computer when you download it.

Kaspersky Internet Security is a software program that can help protect your computer from viruses and malware. You can save your passwords inside the program with a master password, but the program cannot protect you from every virus out there.

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